I mostly draw and paint. My day job is teaching others to do the same whether at Santa Clara University, Mission College, CSU Monterey Bay or at The Arsenal, which I opened with my wife Roan Victor in 2011. My work has shown up in galleries in the Bay Area, on the west coast, in NY, and a couple times in Japan, and on walls, in print, on the screen, on skateboard decks, shirts, stickers, buttons, and other products.

The aesthetic of my work comes from watching cartoons, playing video games, painting graffiti, collecting garbage pail kids, reading comic books, watching star wars, kung fu, ninja , sci-fi, and giant monster movies. I create my work between my heart and head, between what I know and what I feel. I try to be both detailed and gestural, clean and messy, smooth and gritty, fluid and structured, soft subtleties with loud splattery edges.

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